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When you need an accurate and understandable estimate of the value of a real estate property, turn to Quality Appraisal Solutions & Services. Comprising a team of highly trained and specialized property appraisers, we serve Moorpark residents with a combination of diligence and consummate professionalism. The results of our work speak for themselves in the accurate and detailed appraisal reports we provide on any property we’re consulted on.

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Why Might You Need an Accurate Real Estate Appraisal?

Many of our clients turn to us when they need an accurate assessment of their property’s value or require reliable information before making a real estate purchase. Regardless of the situation or why our valued customers need our appraisal services, we always work with strict adherence to professional practices and diligent accuracy.

The following includes reasons our clients seek out our dependable appraisal services:

  • Property valuation for taxation purposes
  • Divorce settlements or division of assets
  • Remortgaging or applying for a loan requiring collateral
  • Real estate transactions, either purchasing or selling
  • …and more

Our fully licensed and accredited appraisers are qualified to provide reports that suit any of the above situations. If you need an appraisal report for a different reason, please don’t hesitate to call and let us know how we can be of service.

Licensed Real Estate Appraisers Providing Detailed Reports

Our team of real estate appraisers uses several methods to review property values, including the sales comparison approach and the cost approach. The cost approach involves looking at what it would cost to replace the property entirely if it had to be rebuilt, calculating the value of the land and depreciation over time.

The sales comparison approach accurately evaluates the property in question by comparing it to what other nearby properties have sold for. Accounting for important differences in size, features, age, etc., our appraisers reach a comprehensive idea of what the property under valuation might sell for.

Using these proven approaches, our appraisers reach a vetted and accurate depiction of the property’s value, which is presented to you in an easy-to-understand and detailed report.

What’s the Difference Between a Real Estate Appraisal and Home Inspection?

If you’re looking to buy or sell a home, you may also be considering a home inspection and wondering why you need both that and a real estate appraisal. There is an important difference between the two, and it has to do with their purpose.

A home inspection aims to find out the specific flaws or issues with the standing structure. A house inspector can tell you any problems with the foundation, plumbing, HVAC system, flooring, electrical, and more, so you know what needs repair or whether to invest in the property.

However, a home inspector will not be able to give you a realistic estimate of the market value of a property, what it might sell for, what it is currently worth, and how those factors are determined. Only a real estate appraiser can provide these specific pieces of information.

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